1.Artificial Graphite

Artificial graphite is a kind of carbon material, which is obtained from powdered calcined petroleum coke as main raw material, asphalt as binder, pressed and formed, and graphitized at 2700 ~ 3000 °C  oxygen-free environment. The carbon content is above 99% , and the carbon content of high purity graphite can reach 99.9999% . According to the different molding methods, graphite can be divided into extruded graphite, molded graphite and isostatic pressing graphite. Artificial graphite is widely used in various industrial fields because of its unique material properties.

2.Carbon-carbon Composite

Carbon-carbon composite is a special carbon material which is based on high strength carbon fiber and produced by high temperature vapor deposition process. The carbon material has the advantages of low volume density, high strength and long service life under high temperature environment. Widely used in aerospace, high-speed railway, semiconductor, photovoltaic and other fields. We produce carbon-carbon composites according to customer requirements can adjust the density of materials, and according to customer requirements for purification and coating.

4.Graphite Paper

Graphite paper is a kind of paper-like carbon material made by pressing natural graphite powder. Thickness 0.1-2mm, according to customer needs for cutting. Our graphite paper has a carbon content of over 99% and can be used at high temperature for a long time. And according to customer requirements for purification processing.

3.Graphite Soft and Hard Felt

Carbon thermal insulation soft felt and hard felt are a kind of special thermal insulation materials, which are made of High Strength Carbon Fiber, woven felt and graphitized at 2000 °C. The material has low bulk density and good thermal insulation, and can be used in high temperature environment above 2000 °C for a long time. We can customize the thermal insulation soft felt and hard felt according to the customer's requirement, and can purify and surface special treatment according to the customer's requirement.

5.Graphite Powder

We offer semiconductor grade high purity graphite powder with ash content below 5 PPM and Particle Size X50<35mm. It is a high quality carbon source for the growth of the third generation semiconductor Silicon Carbide Crystal.