• Graphite materials are widely used in all aspects of semiconductor manufacturing process for their excellent high temperature resistance and good electrical conductivity. Devices made of graphite are used in processes ranging from crystal growth, wafer processing, circuit etching to chip packaging. At the same time, the semiconductor industry on the purity of the material requirements close to harsh. Our graphite products are ultra-high purity components treated by a special purification process, ash content is strictly below 5 PPM. And according to customer demand for graphite surface for special coating treatment, including pyrolytic carbon coating and silicon carbide coating.


  • With the proposal of carbon-neutral and Carbon Peak, photovoltaic (pv) as a kind of green and renewable energy is becoming more and more important. Photovoltaic is also essentially a semiconductor product, with equally stringent requirements for carbon and graphite materials. Our company began to enter the photovoltaic industry in 2009, has accumulated a wealth of industry experience. We can provide a complete carbon-graphite solution for the PV industry. Including graphite thermal field, carbon thermal insulation materials, carbon-carbon composite materials. Our carbon-graphite products with its appropriate material selection, accurate processing, stable service life has been praised by customers.

    Photo Voltaic

  • Optical fiber is the foundation and source of the whole information industry. The production of high-quality optical fiber can not be separated from high-quality carbon-graphite components. Our carbon-graphite components for optical fiber industry are ultra-high purity components processed and treated according to the standards of the semiconductor industry, but also according to customer demand for special coating on the graphite surface.

    Optical Fiber

  • Carbon-graphite materials are widely used in machinery manufacturing, mold processing, metal smelting, chemical production and other industrial fields for their unique material properties. We can provide customers with design, material selection, processing, installation of system solutions.